Mr. Gelfer specializes in:

  • Lie Detection Tests

  • Human Intelligence (HUMINT)

  • Information Elicitation Techniques

  • Intelligence Analysis

  • Physical Security

From mastering such skills, Mr. Gelfer has become a unique expert in utilizing the polygraph as a tool to establish the ground truth in complex situations and highly sensitive cases such as Sexual Assaults (#metoo), Juvenile Testings, Infidelity, Celebrities and More.

Oded Gelfer
Beverly Hills, California

Mr. Gelfer is a multilingual polygraph expert who served nearly 30 years in the Israeli government, where he gained his unique skills and set of expertise during decades of service through Israel’s prestige intelligence agencies.

Since graduating from the Israeli Government Polygraph School in 2004 and becoming a full member of the American Polygraph Association (APA) in 2007, Mr. Gelfer has administered thousands of Lie Detector exams in English, Arabic, and Hebrew languages, all over the globe.

Committed to the Truth and following the Highest Ethical Standards, Mr. Gelfer approaches polygraph utilization as the most scientifically reliable tool available, which sheds light on the truth when used timely and professionally.

Among Mr. Gelfer's highly satisfied clients are Cooperations, Law offices, Government Agencies, Production Companies, TV studios such as CBS ("Face the Truth"), Celebrities and Social Media Influencers, News Agencies, Family Therapists and numerous Private Individuals from the Greater Los Angeles Area.

Mr. Gelfer is also a PCSOT ( Post Convicted Sex Offenders Testing) certified polygraph examiner, a Full Member of the California Association of Polygraph Examiners (CAPE) an active member of the American Association of Police Polygraphists (AAPP) and a Certified Forensic Law Enforcement Polygraph Examiner.

Mr. Gelfer graduated with honors in his social science degree from the Bar-Ilan University in Tel Aviv, and attended numerous courses and seminars in intelligence, polygraph, and security around the world. Mr. Gelfer is also a graduate of the prestigious CREATE Executive Program in Counter-Terrorism from the University of Southern California (USC).

Mr. Gelfer is a recognized distinguished guest speaker on global Intelligence & security topics, served the government of Israel in several deployments around the globe and is a former IDF Navy captain.