No Deception Indicated: often referred to as the examinee was found truthful.

NDI is determent as the test result following polygraph chart analysis by the examiner which found NO significant involuntary physiological reactions throughout the charts, reactions which may indicate a deception in one or more of the questions asked.



Deception Indicated

The examinee was found deceptive in one or more of the pertinent questions asked during the test.  Significant changes of involuntary physiological reactions were consistently recorded on the test charts which can be explained as deception indicators.



The examiner could not reach a conclusive decision based on analyzing the polygraph charts.

As there are many potential reasons which may explain the inconclusive result, this result type was meant to increase conclusive test results reliability and validity. Inconclusive serves as a buffer zone in out of an abundance of caution. An Inconclusive result often requires some explanation to be done by the examinee and/or test question modification prior to administering a follow-up test.



Purposely Non Cooperative

The examinee did not comply with the examiner instructions and/or was detected trying to deploy some counter-measures during the test.

Counter-measures may be easily detected by experienced an examiner who uses sophisticated polygraph equipment and sensors. PNC result should be regarded as the refusal of the examinee to take the test.