Polygraph Scam Alert

Taking a lie detector test is an important decision for the Examinee and the Client, both wish to prove the real truth.

When submitting yourself to a medical checkup, it is important that a professional medical practitioner analyzes the findings. Based on that practitioner's expert knowledge, significant implications concerning one's health can be determined. Trust matters and is crucial!! if you cannot have a basic trust in these findings, then there is no point of consulting that doctor in the first place, makes sense?

The Los Angeles area includes various businesses offering lie detector services. The real questions you should be asking yourself are:

1.    Can I fully trust an actual professional examiner administered this lie detector test?

2.   Can I really make an informed decision based on this practitioner's lie detector results?

3.   Am I willing to jeopardize my relationship, marriage, work, friendship, reputation and more, only because I did not select a  real lie detector professional?

If the answer to any of these questions is NO, then you have only one of two options: Either save your time and money and don’t take a test on which you cannot rely OR do your due diligence and find a certified lie detector examiner, one you can absolutely trust!!

Unfortunately, in California and Los Angeles County specifically, there are no licensing requirements as to who is or is not certified to administer lie detector testing. Anyone can claim to be a certified polygraph examiner, even you, and our office often deals with clients who have fallen victim to lie detector scams.

Here are some warning signs for a possible lie detector scam:

1.    Cheap Lie detector test cost- Usually under $200 per a single test

Explanation - Due to professional limits as to the number of tests per day per examiner, office, insurance and additional costs, a real certified lie detector examiner will not be able to offer this low price for a single lie detector test in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

2.    A Complete lie detector test in 1-hour or less

Explanation: A real lie detector test requires the examiner to follow stringent protocols all which take time, typically no less than 90 minutes and often longer. See : Polygraph Test Procedure

3.    Focusing the test on the Polygraph instrumentation - as if it is only a technical matter

Explanation: The polygraph machine is a device which records physiological responses. The device itself does not differentiate between truth and lie! It requires a skilled examiner who needs to analyze the polygraph charts, which requires a large knowlageable skill-set and an abundance of experience as every lie detector test is different.

4.    Offering a Lie detector test- “As seen on TV”

Explanation: Lie detector tests often shown on TV and YouTube are mostly staged. They are typically for entertainment value, as no show can wait for the entire 90-minute test procedure only to show the test results.

5.    Not a member of the American Polygraph Association (APA)

Explanation: Although some regional lie detector organizations exist, there should be NO reason why your selected lie detector examiner in the Los Angeles Area is NOT an acknowledged member of this globally recognized organization (affiliated with the US government), other than NOT meeting the minimum required qualifications.

Don’t fall victim to scammers. Treat this as you would have with your personal health. Choose a verified professional lie detector examiner.


The easiest way is to ensure your examiner is at least one of thousands available members of the American Polygraph Association (APA)

Becoming a full member requires a strict vetting procedure, including accredited polygraph education, years of experience, thousands of validated tests, high ethical standards, protocols and ongoing training.